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'Ello there.

My name is Alvin-Christian (otherwise known as AC to family and Alvin to pretty much everyone else). I am Filipino, born a Virgo/Snake on September 11, 1989 in Santa Monica, CA and raised in Van Nuys, CA, reppin' the 818. I am part of the UCLA Class of 2011 with a B.A. in Global Studies and a minor in Education. For more info, just ask! :]

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These are a few of my [current] favorite things: Elementary, Once Upon a Time, traveling, reading about globalization.



  • *Me after eating one healthy meal*: ... I wonder how much weight I've lost


Baseball fan, American hero. (via @CrawfishBoxes)

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Do Not Touch, Interactive Music Video Lets Viewers Take Part with Their Mouse Cursors

Coolest video ever!! I was smiling the whole way through!

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Been MIA from tumblr for the past week-and-a-half or so.

Not planning on going through all the posts I missed (because, lbr, i don’t look at my dashboard much anyway. tags are where the interesting stuff are!), but there are some from the lol tag (and others) that I have been meaning to post so I may or may not be posting a bunch of stuff in a row because screw the queue.

Okay, cool.

Gizmo and the Hazelnut (x)

Going along with my rule that if something makes me laugh out loud, it gets reblogged.




we were watching romeo and juliet in class and all of the sudden my teacher just jumped out of her chair and started “censoring” the sex scene

Fun Fact: Back in 9th Grade, we were watching Romeo and Juliet in English, and one day, we had an old lady as a substitute teacher who freaked out about the movie because of the sex scene. We just wound up watching the rest of it the next day.

I need to get back into Happy Endings again.

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Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher dies at 87

The ever-combative “Iron Lady,” whose lengthy tenure of Britain’s first female prime minister drew rampant cheers and criticisms abroad and at home, passed away this morning at age 87.

She altered the country’s political and social landscape for decades following her departure, as summed up in our obituary:

The woman many regard as Britain’s most important peacetime leader of the 20th century shook her country like an earthquake after moving into 10 Downing St. in 1979. In nearly a dozen years at the top, she transformed the political and economic landscape through a conservative free-market revolution bearing her name, Thatcherism, which sought to reverse Britain’s postwar decline and the welfare state that she felt accelerated it.

What do you think Thatcher’s legacy will ultimately be?

Photos: Jockel Fink / Associated Press, AFP/Getty Images archives, Carl Court, Jean-Claude Delmas / AFP

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RIP Annette Funicello

One of the biggest stars of the initial “Mickey Mouse Club,” in the 1950s,
Annette Funicello passed away today at the age of 70 after a lengthy battle with multiple sclerosis.

Funicello followed her Disney stardom by defining the 60’s-era “beach” movies alongside frequent co-star Frankie Avalon.

As for her humble beginnings, she was chosen for her breakthrough role by Walt Disney himself:

Funicello was a 12-year-old dance-school student when Walt Disney saw her performing the lead role in “Swan Lake” at her dance-school’s year-end recital at the Starlight Bowl in Burbank in the spring of 1955.

Read the Times’ full obituary on Funicello here.

Photos: The Walt Disney Company, Lennox McLendon / Associated Press, Vince Vucci / AFP

When I was in Middle School (maybe late Elementary School), I used to watch the old Mickey Mouse Club since they showed it late at night on Disney.

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